Confira todas as atualizações e correções de bugs que foram realizadas no sistema.
Disponibilizados os recursos e atualizações com o intuito de deixar claro todo o trabalho que é realizado na ferramenta de chat para atendimento online.

Obs.: A descrição está na versão oficial em Inglês.Atualização na plataforma LiveZilla Vs. 5.xLiveZilla
* Bugfix (Web based Client): Chat input field loses focus in Internet Explorer
* Bugfix (General): Daily reports showing invalid date
* Bugfix (General): Problems with sorting tickets by waiting time
* Bugfix (General): On-Site Chat overlay opens external chat window when previewing code in Link Generator
* Bugfix (General): On-Site Chat overlay opens external chat window on chat invite when parameter “ovloe” is set
* Bugfix (General): On-Site Chat overlay eye catcher is clickable when hidden
* Bugfix (General): Windows client not detecting version mismatch when signing on to older servers
* Bugfix (General): Queue Messages from overlay chat are not display in Windows Operator Client sometimes
* Bugfix (General): Browser foreign key overflow
* Bugfix (General): Operator can’t send messages on mobile app when auo-translation is active

* Bugfix: Operator Profiles (Visitcards) do not update properly
* Bugfix: Chat boxes sometimes can’t be closed in Windows Operator Client
* Bugfix: Missing line breaks in Outlook
* Bugfix: Chat details listing display problems
* Bugfix: Chat transcripts are showing \’ instead of ‘
* Bugfix: On-site Overlay chat on mobile devices opens a new chat window regardless of the configuration
* Bugfix: On-site Overlay shows chat transcript input even when chat transcripts are deactivated
* Bugfix: Configuration to hide EyeCatcher on mobile devices not working
* Bugfix: Chat bots (virtual assistance) falsify opening hours
* New Feature (API): Operator Property ExternalChats (array) and ExternalChatCount (int)

* New Feature (Windows Client): Create (area) screenshots and directly send them to chat / clipboard / canned resources
* New Feature (General): Create Tickets from Facebook messages and comments
* New Feature (General): Eye Catcher and Overlay Chat scalebreaker to ensure better responsiveness
* New Feature (General): Create Tickets from Twitter messages and tweets
* New Feature (General): PHP IMAP extension support as an alternative to ZEND Framework IMAP
* New Feature (General): Reports Chats / Tickets by group section
* New Feature (General): Reports Chat Invites section
* New Feature (General): Reports will include a bar chart for each section
* New Feature (General): Reports will use localized date formats
* New Feature (General): InnoDB can be used as database engine
* New Feature (General): Admin Wizard FTP allows to use SFTP private keys for authentication (for amazon aws)
* New Feature (General): File uploads can be deleted automatically after x days
* New Feature (General): Link Generator allows to configure primary color for external chat window (chat header lines background)
* New Feature (General): Leave message button can be deactivated in external chat window
* New Feature (General): Leave message button on overlay chat will be less eye-catching when chat is available
* New Feature (General): Configurable working day length / opening hours will define working day length
* New Feature (General): External chat window close icon (x) asks for confirmation
* New Feature (General): Queue information will also be shown in on-site overlay chat
* New Feature (General): Group setting Operators with a lower priority only receive chats when all operators with a higher priority are offline
* New Feature (General): Group description placeholder for signatures
* New Feature (General): On-site Overlay chat can be hidden on mobile devices
* New Feature (General): Subject and Geo location placeholders for email templates
* New Feature (General): HTML emails / HTML signatures
* New Feature (General): HTML preview in tickets section
* New Feature (General): Options to save/copy HTML chat transcript
* New Feature (General): Automatically set focus when loading external chat window to first input field
* New Feature (General): Operators can be signed off remotely from the server update screen
* New Feature (General): Lines and spaces from Excel or Calc data will be stripped when pasting
* New Feature (General): Eye Catcher Bubble can be shown/hidden after x seconds
* New Feature (General): When replying to tickets, the customers subject of incoming email can be used for outgoing email (template placeholder %subject%)
* New Feature (General): Anonymized Operator Ratings
* New Feature (General): URL from where a chat was initiated will be shown in chat archive and operator chat window
* New Feature (General): Filters can be configured separately for chats, tickets and visitor monitoring
* New Feature (General): Filter visitors by country
* New Feature (General): Bottom margin can be configured for on-site overlay chat
* New Feature (General): Chats will not be disconnected when overtaking an operator account from other device
* New Feature (General): Visitor can’t leave message when operators are online option for on-site overlay chat
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Access to statistics & reports
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Access to filters
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Chat listing panel
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Translation editor
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Change password option
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Send FIle and Send URL dialog
* New Feature (API): Send email when adding a ticket message
* Change (General): Chat Bots will not affect statistics and reports
* Change (General): Chat Bots will be available outside of opening hours
* Change (General): Group conversion code to track chats must be javascript. HTML tags can not be used any more
* Change (General): New timeline header will be added in chats when time between messages > 5 minutes
* Change (General): (Predefined) Texts and Emails will not be cached
* Change (General): Hidden and misleading External Chat Window Settings moved into other sections
* Change (Windows Client): Temp files of operator thumbnails will not longer be created
* Change (Mobile Client): Sending chat invites when outside of opening hours is not possible
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Eye-Catcher Area clickable when hidden
* Bugfix (General): After deleting an operator, tickets will still be auto-assigned
* Bugfix (General): Ticket editor is lost after editing text
* Compatibility: The cloudflare rocketloader (bug?) stops chat from loading

LiveZilla Mobile APPS
LiveZilla Live Chat Windows Phone APP
LiveZilla Live Chat Windows RT APP

* Security Patch (XSS, Mobile Client)
Affects users actively working with the mobile / web-based client. Attacker may send a link to the operator that, when clicked, may allow the attacker to execute malicious code in operator’s browser
* Bugfix (General): Onsite-Overlay Chat not responsive after page reload
* Bugfix (General): Queued chats receiving fixed target operator when chat limits are set
* Bugfix (General): Different routing problems
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Certain chat window can’t be closed until client is restarted
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Different sign on problems (blocked licenses/sessions)

* Bugfix (General): Multiserver Permission is disabled and can not be granted
* Bugfix (General): Chats not being archived when question is longer than 255 and contains certain special chars
* Bugfix (Mobile Client): Pending chats will be closed when returning from background mode
* Bugfix (Mobile Client): External chat window lost responsiveness on mobile devices

* Bugfix (General): Rating box not opening automatically as configured
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Chat Cursor not visible on Windows 8
* Change (General): Compatibility fix for PHP mod_security
* New Feature (General): LiveZilla Mobile APP for Blackberry

* Bugfix (General): Chat messages in dynamic group are not sent to all members
* Bugfix (General): Minor bugfixes for the overlay chat

* New Feature (General): Placeholders can be configured with automatic chat replies
* Bugfix (General): Email adresses are not detected as such in chat when domain is longer than 3 chars
* Bugfix (General): Timezone detection problem with multiserver installations
* Bugfix (General): RTL display problem with overlay chat
* Bugfix (General): W3C validation with XHTML RDFa
* Bugfix (General): Faulty commercial chat VAT calculation
* Bugfix (General): Waiting time before chat starts is taken into calculation of operator auto replies

* New Feature (General): Visitors email can be configured as sender for ticket messages and chat transcripts
* New Feature (General): IP’s can be fully masked
* New Feature (General): Visitors can exclude themselves from tracking (data privacy)
* New Feature (General): Optimized on-site overlay chat UI with chat input format (including custom input fields / login mask)
* New Feature (General): Option to Print Tickets or Ticket Messages
* New Feature (General): Automatic waiting messages when customer is waiting for operator to respond
* New Feature (General): Auto close chat after X mins of customer’s inactivity
* New Feature (General): File attachments for leave message / create ticket
* New Feature (General): New customer side external chat window without HTML4 frames
* New Feature (General): Original HTML email can be reviewed
* New Feature (General): Auto Capitalization
* New Feature (General): Sounds for overlay embedded chat invites
* New Feature (General): Operator priorities for chat allocation
* New Feature (General): Update ZEND Framework to version 1.12
* New Feature (General): LiveZilla API V2 Multiserver support
* Bugfix (General): Area code not displayed in client
* Bugfix (General): Iframe compatibility issues
* Bugfix (General): Overlay chat affects table borders on website
* Bugfix (General): Event blacklist configuration not working reliably
* Bugfix (General): Custom ticket fields can not be edited
* Bugfix (General): URL sometimes not available in Tickets
* Bugfix (General): Files cannot be downloaded on multiserver installations
* New Feature (Windows Client): Automatic and manual database optimization to fix slowdowns in client
* New Feature (Windows Client): Related tickets tab in ticket viewer
* New Feature (Mobile Client): GeoTracking world map
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Custom Startpages
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Auto Sign On
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Quick Search for chat replies
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Dynamic Groups
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Ticket details can be edited
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Operators can start chats with website visitors
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Operators can create filters/ban visitors
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Ticket notification / Push Message
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Auto Translation for chats and tickets
* New Feature (Mobile Apps): Vibrate on notification
* Change (Windows Client): When searching for tickets, other filter settings will be ignored
* Change (General): IMAP support removed for incoming emails

* Bugfix (General): Overlay chat is suggesting to resend last message when operator is Busy and no other operator is available

* Change (General): Performance and SQL optimizations
* Change (General): Reduces amount of connections between overlay chat and server
* Change (General): Reduces MySQL database size (long term)

* Change (General): Auto / event based chat invites will ring all operators when configured accordingly
* Change (General): Mobile extended operator accounts will not require PRO licenses
* New Feature (General): External chat window optimization to improve experience on mobile phones with small displays
* New Feature (General): Visitors using smartphones will use/open the external chat window (optional)
* New Feature (General): API V2
* New Feature (General): mysqli Support
* New Feature (General): Shared memory engine “MySQL”
* New Feature (General): TLS Support for SMTP/IMAP/POP
* New Feature (General): More reliable conversion of HTML into text emails
* New Feature (Windows Client): Input Language / Keyboard Layout will be saved/recovered for each chat separetly
* New Feature (Windows Client): Ticket Print Function
* New Feature (Windows Client): Guests identification number will also be shown in chat archive
* New Feature (Windows Client): Ticket Message Count will be shown in tickets table
* New Feature (Windows Client): Ticket messages can be translated
* New Feature (Windows Client): Ticket Group/Operator can be assigned from context menu
* New Feature (Windows Client): Subjects column in tickets table
* New Feature (Windows Client): Time/Date/Subject header will be added to forwarded emails
* New Feature (Windows Client): Recipients of forwarded emails will be saved
* New Feature (General): Permission Operator must auto accept chats
* New Feature (General): Permission Operator can see chat archive entries of his groups
* New Feature (General): Permission Operator can sign on from the mobile or web-based client
* New Feature (General): Permission Operator can reject chats
* New Feature (General): Onsite Overlay Chat can be ended by visitor (new close button)
* New Feature (General): Mobile login/account icon in operators view
* New Feature (General): Ticket filter “My tickets”
* New Feature (General): Ticket filter “My group’s tickets”
* New Feature (General): Tickets can be assigned automatically incl. load balancer
* New Feature (General): Forward chats to other operator or show offline when chat was not accepted for X minutes
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Create Filters
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Permissions
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Chat Archive
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Auto accept chats
* Bugfix (General): Translation values are being ignored for list boxes
* Bugfix (General): Dynamic Groups will not be saved when MySQL STRICT_TRANS_TABLES is configured
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Undo/Redo in chat input not working sometimes

* Bugfix (General): Statistics and reports will not list Bots and Crawler when caching is enabled
* Bugfix (General): Several minor bugfixes for the caching / shared memory functions
* Bugfix (General): Several minor bugfixes for the mobile app
* Bugfix (General): Status of Ticket with a future creation date cannot be changed
* Bugfix (Mobile Client): Several minor bugfixes for the mobile app interface
* Bugfix (Mobile Client): Client not working when dynamic groups are existing
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Search tickets by Ticket Id

* New Feature (General): Group selection can be required, no group selected by default
* New Feature (General): Operators can be signed on from their desktop/mobile concurrently
* New Feature (General): Remote control for auto translation service
* New Feature (General): Auto translation service can be used with onsite overlay chat widget
* New Feature (General): Eye Catcher and optimized design for overlay chat
* New Feature (General): Visitors history can be extended
* New Feature (General): Hide customer data from operators (email, name, etc.)
* New Feature:(General): Name and email can be configured as required for the overlay/onsite chat window
* New Feature (General): Account used for sending emails (tickets, transcripts) can be configured for each group
* New Feature:(General): Option to prune Tickets with status Deleted after X days
* New Feature (General): Permission to edit ticket message details
* New Feature (General): Permission to cancel chat invites
* New Feature (General): Permission to cancel chat invites sent by others
* New Feature (General): SMTP Authentication can be turned off when needed
* New Feature (General): URL from where a ticket has been created will be shown in ticket view
* New Feature (General): Comments for visitors added to visitor form
* New Feature (General): Full listing of all chat invites sent to a website visitor added to visitor form
* New Feature (General): Full listing of all previous chats added to visitor form
* New Feature (General): Full history of recent visits for each website visitors added to visitor form
* New Feature (General): Full listing of all tickets added to visitor form
* New Feature (General): Timeout for chat invites
* New Feature (General): Shared Memory Support (SHMOP, Memcache(d) or APC) – better overall performance
* New Feature (General): URL website visitor is viewing will be saved with each chat/ticket
* New Feature (Windows Client): Ticket details can be edited
* New Feature (Windows Client): Send chat transcript email field prefield with the customers email
* New Feature (Windows Client): Operators can select welcome message by language in chat
* New Feature (Windows Client): Offline Operators can be hidden
* New Feature (Windows Client): New Chat/Ticket HTML WYSIWYG input controlreplacing the buggy spellchecker
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Ticket Functions
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Editor for canned resources
* New Feature (Mobile Client): File uploads for canned resources
* Change (General): Configurations will be saved in MySQL database
* Change (General): Chat Button code shortened
* Change (General): Amount of MySQL queries has been reduced significantly
* Change (General): Event messages for operators will be shown even when no permission for events is available
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Operator listing scrolls back to top for no reason
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Chats not being downloaded when deletion time is 0 even when deletion is deactivated
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Tickets showing wrong waiting time
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Custom columns will be reverted to invisible after sign off, sign in
* Bugfix (Windows Client): After deleting a ticket, next ticket below will be selected reliably
* Bugfix (Android APP): Different incompatibilities with Samsung devices
* Bugfix (General): After declining an overlay chat, allocation of other chats is delay for minutes
* Bugfix (General): Multiple incompatibilities causing problems with incoming emails and email attachments
* Bugfix (General): Translations of some forms (e.g. Edit Operator) are being ignored
* Bugfix (General): Operators can invite others even when they are not member of a chat room
* Bugfix (General): Extra timeout can not be activated
* Bugfix (General): Custom field value are not being replaced in chat transcript email
* Bugfix (General): Attachments on incoming emails will be dismissed when new ticket is generated
* Bugfix (General): ReplyTo of incoming emails is being ignored
* Bugfix (General): Queue waiting message is not shown
* Bugfix (General): New message title keeps showing in chrome

* Bugfix (General, targets older installations (3.x and 4.x) that have been upgraded to version 5.x directly): Chat archive MySQL table contains duplicate entries and no primary key exists. Results in a few problems with the chat archive.

* Change (General): Onsite overlay chat widget works on tablets and mobile devices now
* Change (General): Couple of CSS optimization for the onsite overlay chat widget
* Bugfix (General): Ok Button deactivated when trying to forward a chat

* Security Patches (CVE-2013-7032,CVE-2013-7033,CVE-2013-7034)
* Bugfix (General): User management changes being rejected
* Bugfix (General): FTPS, SFTP configuration changes are being ignored
* Bugfix (General): Ticket attachments appear without filename and extension

* New Feature (General): Several optimizations concerning display and function of the overlay widget on tablets
* New Feature (Windows Client): Operator listing of forwarding form will respect the sorting config of the general listing
* Change (Windows Client): Closing the email reply composer requires additional confirmation
* Bugfix (Windows Client): First post (=question) is not included when exporting chat history to txt file
* Bugfix (Windows Client): New Filter notification will be shown all the time ignoring the setting not to
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Basic Chat input field ignores Shift + Enter for new line
* Bugfix (General): Vertical resize of the chat window not handled correctly in latest chrome update

LiveZilla Mobile APPS
LiveZilla Live Chat IOS (IPad / IPhone) APP

* Security Patch (CVE-2013-6225, Mobile Client)
Affects LiveZilla Server installations on Windows Server with PHP version 5.3.3 or older and Mobile Client extension installed
* Security Patches (CVE-2013-6224, CVE-2013-6223)
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Chat invites can be canceled
* New Feature (Mobile Apps): Push message support and infinite timeout to keep APP alive in background
* New Feature (General): Chats can also be rejected when Groups Chats Limitation is exceeded
* New Feature (General): Attachments will be sent when using php mail() instead of SMTP
* Bugfix (General): Chat invite state is not updated
* Bugfix (General): Message center / notification is not shown when visitor starts a chat without entering a name

* New Feature (General): Internal Operator/Group chats stored in chat archive
* New Feature (General): Permission read/supervise internal Operator/Group chats
* New Feature (General): Operator Info Box (Name,Picture,Visitcard) can now be removed from external chat window
* New Feature (General): Automatic replies can also be configured for human operators and groups
* New Feature (General): Canned resources matching the visitors question will be offered while visitor is waiting
* New Feature (General): Onsite Chat and Floating Button can be combined (among each other and with other types)
* New Feature (General): Operator Permission “Start Chats”
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Chat Forwarding
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Multiserver Support
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Emoticons
* New Feature (Overlay Chat Window): Emoticons
* New Feature (Windows Client): History/log for tickets
* New Feature (Windows Client): Comments for tickets
* New Feature (Windows Client): Subject will be shown ticket viewer
* New Feature (Windows Client): Operator Comments for tickets
* New Feature (Windows Client): Tickets can also be created from missed chats listing
* New Feature (Windows Client): Progress indicator for tickets and chat archive
* New Feature (Windows Client): Position, state and size of the canned resources editor form will be saved
* New Feature (Windows Client): Position, state and size of the ticket viewer form will be saved
* New Feature (Windows Client): Community Translation Mode / Translation Packs
* Change (General): Start Chat phrase can be configured for the button and for the header separately
* Change (General): Select Language from Browser Identification setting removed
* Change (Windows Client): GeoTracking tab will only show up when GeoTracking is activated
* Change (Windows Client): QuickSearch redesign
* Change (Windows Client): Sidebar removed
* Change (Windows Client): Links will be sent through the HTML editor so text can be added more easily
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Ticket filter does not hide open tickets
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Ticket response composer offers same values multiples times in dropdowns
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Images in messages are not displayed correctly
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Column configuration is being lost when switching to a different LiveZilla Server
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Multiserver name not in shown in message center
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Switching between chats not working when there’s no startpage and GeoTracking browser
* Bugfix (General): SSL detection fails on some webservers, insecure content warning
* Bugfix (General): When testing a mailbox connection it shows wrong email count
* Bugfix (General): Floating button shows in wrong position when aligned to the right
* Bugfix (General): Chat functions not available/visible in instant call back chats
* Bugfix (General): Ticket group assignment fails when there’s no permission to receive all tickets
* Bugfix (General): Chat window new resizing correctly in chrome 30

LiveZilla Mobile APPS
LiveZilla Live Chat Android APP

* New Feature (Mobile APPS): Notifications
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Interface for IOS APP
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Minor bugfixes and optimizations
* Bugfix (Windows Client): Clients show wrong operator name in chat archive for chats that have been forwarded
* Bugfix (General): Alert shown to website visitors looks cut off one end
* Bugfix (General): Sound file for new tickets can not be changed through the configuration
* Bugfix (General): Hide group selection box parameter not working reliably

* Bugfix (Mobile Client): Compatibility and stability improvements
* Bugfix (General): Classic chat invite template cannot be configured
* Bugfix (General): Attachments not available on incoming mails when creating new tickets directly

* Protocol changes for the upcoming mobile APPS

* Bugfix: Translations are empty after updating from older versions

* New Feature (General): Full Ticket System
* New Feature (General): Web Client
* New Feature (General): Spam/flooding filter
* New Feature (General): Nokia/HERE Maps will be used a dynamic map provider, static map is still available
* New Feature (General): Translations will be updated and merged automatically (instead of overwritten)
* New Feature (General): Operator picture can only be changed by administrators (optional)
* New Feature (General): Several optimizations for the user management panel
* New Feature (General): Additional title for overlay chat bot (in addition to online and offline text)
* New Feature (General): SFTP Support
* New Feature (General): CronJob Interface
* New Feature (General): Tags for canned resources
* New Feature (General): InnoDB is no longer a requirement to use LiveZilla
* New Feature (General): Info field/description for chat/ticket inputs
* New Feature (General): Placeholder “rating” for chat transcript email
* New Feature (General): Users chat waiting Time will be shown in chat archive
* New Feature (General): The Person that has ended a chat will be shown in chat archive
* New Feature (General): Missed chats will be stored in global chat archive
* New Feature (General): Bot chats will be stored in global chat archive
* New Feature (General): Placeholders first name and last name 
* New Feature (General): Bot Chats can be deleted from (global) chat archive after X days
* New Feature (General): Combine/merge Chat Tickets
* New Feature (General): Offline Messages/Tickets can be deactivated for bot chats
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Canned Resources
* New Feature (Mobile Client): Spellchecker and basic text formatting
* New Feature (Windows Client): Several improvements in the events and invitation section
* New Feature (General): Rating drop down in external visitor chat window can be opened automatically afer X minutes
* New Feature (General): Operator permission to change the profile/visitcard
* New Feature (General): Operator permission to change the profile/visitcard of other operators
* New Feature (General): Operator Accounts can be deactivated
* New Feature (Statistic and Reports): Missed chats will be listed in daily,monthly,yearly reports
* Change (General):Date/time message (System is getting started) at the beginning of a chat removed
* Change (General):Email subject moved from server configuration into predefined message configuration
* Change (General):Operators can take over bot chat
* Change (General): Maximum queue waiting time displayed is 10 minutes
* Change (General): New set of emoticons
* Change (General): Deactivating Magic Quotes is no longer a requirement to use LiveZilla
* Change (General): Operator name will be shown on callback screen when the call got through
* Bugfix (General): Operator/Bot profile pictures can not be changed through the admin panel
* Bugfix (General): Encoding problems with vcards
* Bugfix (General): Decembers months statistics in years report is incorrect
* Bugfix (General):Chat transcript email shows two different times
* Bugfix (General):Operator filter permission setting does not have an effect
* Bugfix (General):Personal Email link is not working
* Bugfix (General):No max length for chat inputs on overlay chat
* Bugfix (General):Ratings cannot be deleted from local computer
* Bugfix (General):Custom fields will not be shown the in the column editor form
* Bugfix (General):Client throws error not enough memory.
* Bugfix (General):Archived chats / Chat transcripts will be shown incorrectly when using a search query
* Bugfix (General):Call back feature will not work correctly when “Auto accept chats” setting is activated
* Bugfix (General):Using “<” causes problems with the formatting of the autoresponder email
* Bugfix (General):Popout from overlay not working for multiservers
* Bugfix (General):Problems when using overlay/on-site chats along with a custom leave message site, bug report(Status: Done)Atualização na plataforma Livezilla Vs. 4.xLiveZilla
* New: Popout function for overlay / onsite chats can be deactivated (in Link Generator)
* Bugfix: Brazilian Portuguese translation ruins functionality of chat window (stucks at loading screen)
* Bugfix: Profile pictures are not handled correctly when using LiveZilla Multiserver
* Bugfix: Wrong chat URL used in commercial chat confirmation email
* Bugfix: Different problems when dragging/dropping files into the chat field/chat input box

* New: Improved page load time (javascript source is splitted into static/cachable and dynamic parts)
* New: Drag and drop files directly from the Windows Explorer into the chat window
* New: Overlay Chats
* New: Chat Bots
* New: Commercial Chats / Pay Chats with PayPal integration
* New: Instant callback service
* New: Operator chat response time logging
* New: Respect “Do-Not-Track” header (optional)
* New: Hide group selection parameter for chats and tickets
* New: Add your Tracking or Analytics Code to the chat window
* New: Send chat transcripts to email address from chat archive
* New: URL’s of files and hyperlinks will be shown in chat transcript email
* New: Copy operator account (User Management)
* New: Copy operator permissions (User Management)
* New: Statistics for the Translation Mode which will make translation much easier
* New: Standard chat button can be hidden when all operators are away/offline
* Change: Chat login information will not be saved as session data (IP based)
* Change: Reposts(messages from previous chats) will be displayed with a blue header for better clarity
* Change: Default font color setting removed
* Change: Floating Chat Button and On-Site Overlay Chat can be used even when visitor monitoring is deactivated
* Change: Client side auto status setting removed (please use group based (server side) chat limitation instead)
* Bugfix: IE 9 does not display the chat correctly when using a Right-To-Left based language
* Bugfix: Missing line breaks in chat transcript and offline message emails
* Bugfix: Flood of requests when coBrowsing websites that use iframes
* Bugfix: Copy of text does not work in chats

* Bugfix: Visitor side chat window is not scrolling down after receiving a new message from operator in latest ersion of Google Chrome
* Bugfix: Floating Button error in IE

* New: LiveZilla Multiserver (one LiveZilla server – multiple websites and databases)
* New: Spell Checker (support for 20 languages)
* New: Missed Chats listing
* New: Data lifetime can be set for server side and client side databases by the administration
* New: Administrators can sign off operators
* New: Statistics &amp; Reports: top search phrases for goals (conversion tracking)
* New: Accounts can be logged out when signed on from a remote computer
* New: Basic Right-To-Left direction support
* New: Volume adjustable for all LiveZilla sounds
* New: Reports featuring the amount of missed chats and the average chat waiting time for each operator
* New: Chat welcome message (predefined message) can be edited before activating the chat
* New: Subject/Signature set for replies to ratings and archived chats
* New: More reliable Message Center with new message types (Queue Chats, Offline Messages)
* New: Additional API Functions
* New: Several MySQL performance tweaks and optimizations
* Bugfix: When no file extension is blocked for uploads for customer side -> all extensions are blocked
* Bugfix: “Send an email using the default email-client to the group’s email address” function not working
* Bugfix: Emails from offline messages / chats are rejected by some mail servers
* Bugfix: Message icon keeps blinking in tray when chat ended
* Bugfix: Goals can’t be deleted / edited
* Bugfix: Questionmarks within the trigger URLs will make the event fail
* Bugfix: Asterisks within the trigger URLs will make the event fail
* Bugfix: Invitation “jumps” on click when bottom margin is used
* Bugfix: Incorrect calculation of chat amounts (statistics and reports)

* Bugfix: Offline message emails are not being sent
* Bugfix: Chat archive not being synchronized when user permissions is set to “own chats only”
* Bugfix: Visitors not displayed on the world map when “Allow external actions” isn’t set
* Bugfix: Database table cannot be created (asking forever)
* Bugfix: Name from cookie not displayed correctly in chat invitation
* Bugfix: Custom startpages remain open when network adapter is being removed
* Bugfix: Error message when editing invitation senders within an event
* WebClient Translation packs added to default installation : EL,FR,PT,PT-BR,EN-GB,EN-US

* Bugfix: Error message when trying to edit an existing event

* New: Shortcuts for canned resources
* New: Dynamic Groups
* New: Groups can be hidden for operators
* New: Waiting Message can be turned off
* New: Time after which the the Waiting Message will be shown can be set
* New: Individual Queue Waiting Message for groups
* New: Maximum queue waiting time (optional)
* New: An icon indicates whether a chat message has been received by the chat partner
* New: SSL secured icon on chat login page (optional)
* New: Forward chats to groups
* New: Operator display can be sorted by operators or groups
* New: Web Client (customer side chat window) uses the HTML5 sound object
* New: Set priority for chats
* New: Assign target group/operator for chats
* New: Group chats with customers (multiple operators/multiple customers)
* New: Optional group based limitation for concurrent chats
* New: Web Client (customer side chat window) can be loaded directly into your website using an IFRAME container
* New: Invite other operators to join chat with customer
* New: Clickable search phrase in visitor view
* New: HTML source can be edited in canned resource window
* New: Full chat listing (see all chats on the server) with detailed information
* New: Administrators can join chats in invisible mode
* New: Optimize MySQL tables function
* New: Notification Window for Offline Messages
* New: Sound for new Offline Messages
* New: Server requires HTTPS (optional setting)
* New: External event action: overlay element for HTML/URL
* New: Shadow and background for chat invitations
* New: Question (topic) will be shown during chat
* New: Pass thru parameter: Language (preselect a language for the customer chat window)
* New: Different custom Chat Login Input elements (CheckBox, ComboBox, Text, TextArea)
* New: Custom Input values will be shown in chat transcript / offline messsage emails
* New: Chat / Offline Message custom text (displayed above login form)
* New: Different user status for different user groups
* New: Individual startpages for operators
* New: Web client language sets us-en and us-gb.
* New: IPv6 support
* Change: WebCam is based on Adobe Flash which improves performance and provides greater compatibility with webcam drivers
* Change: Typing indicator will only display the information to the person the message is intended for
* Change: Scrollbars will be shown if needed on login page (chat &amp; offline messages)
* Change: “Representative is typing” text on customer side chat window instead of an icon
* Change: Auto translation requires google API V2 paid key
* Change: Chat Text Links need to be recreated. The existing code from previous versions will not be working anymore.
* Bugfix: Search phrases from are not being saved correctly
* Bugfix: JPG/JPEG files are not working as Chat Button Images
* Bugfix: Opening hours are not being applied on Sundays
* Bugfix: Automatic update fails
* Bugfix: Chat Floating Button not displayed correctly in IE6
* Bugfix: Links stop working on report page after recalculation
* Bugfix: Line breaks are being removed from signature when replying to offline messages
* Bugfix: Client shows same title for all visitors